Questions for open events at sixth forms, sixth form colleges and FE colleges

Open events at sixth forms, sixth form colleges, colleges or apprenticeship training providers take place from the beginning of the autumn term. Details of these are on the Events section of Help You Choose and on their own websites.

Below are some questions that you may wish to ask to find out more about the sixth form, college or provider that your son/daughter is interested in applying to.


Questions to ask

  • What GCSE grades do you need for the course/apprenticeship?  Do you need GCSE grades in particular subjects and what happens if my son/daughter doesn't achieve those grades?
  • What is the usual class size for the course?  What will happen if not enough young people apply for the course?
  • What is the balance between taught and independent study time eg: lectures, classes and self-study?
  • Which days of the week do students attend - every day or on specific days of the week?
  • What are the pass rates for particular courses and what are the average grades that students achieve on the programme?
  • What do students typically progress on to after completing the course?
  • If your son/daughter is applying for a one year Level 1 or 2 course, what can they move on to afterwards?  Are specific grades required to move on to the next level?
  • What opportunities are there for work experience as part of the course?
  • What help will the sixth form/college give my son/daughter to find a suitable work placement?
  • Are there costs for equipment, uniform, visits, text books, meals etc.?
  • What careers guidance is available to help students with their next steps?
  • What support is available to students with special educational needs or disabilities?
  • Is transport provided by the college, sixth form or training provider, and at what cost?
  • How does the course timetable fit in with arrival/departure times of the transport?
  • What financial help is available if you cannot meet the costs associated with the course eg transport, trips, uniform, equipment etc.?
  • If my son/daughter applies, what happens next?
  • When will my son/daughter hear whether they have an interview or are to be offered a place?
  • What contact is there with parents/carers about my son/daughter's performance, progress and attendance during the course?
  • If, once they have started the course, my son/daughter feels that the course isn't right for them, who should they speak to?