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Planning and preparation

This section can be particularly helpful

when you're starting to think about what to do after school to prepare for adult life. This might be from Year 9 onwards although it's never too early. This can be an exciting time, but can also seem confusing and worrying if you're not sure what to do next or even where to begin! 

The good news is there are lots of people that can help. Some might be obvious but we have also listed some professionals that you can contact too depending upon the needs you have. Remember, it's important that you're fully involved in any discussions that take place.


You might want to talk to

  • Your parents, other family members and friends (I did say some were obvious).
  • Teachers - if you're at school or college. Particularly the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) or the careers teacher/careers adviser.
  • If you have a particular hobby or interest, the leader of an activity you are involved with might have good advice.
  • One of the specialist services from Norfolk County Council or an independent provider. See below for more details.

If you have an education, health and care plan (EHCP)

you might already have been discussing what you would like to do when you leave school and what support you will need during the yearly annual review. If you haven't yet got an EHCP but think you should have one, you can make your own enquiries and application. See the EHCP information and advice pages. You can get help and support from Norfolk County Council by calling 01603 679183. There's also an independent service from the Norfolk SEND Partnership Information, Advice and Support Service (often referred to as SENDIASS) Call 01603 704070 or email See the links below for a full list of services that can help you.


Click on the sections below to find out more about what will happen from Year 9 onwards and who can help you. Have a go at some of the activities where you learn more about yourself and what you might be good at. There are a few leaflets and guides in this section for parents/carers and this one might be ideal for you to look at too as a starting point: Transition from secondary school to post 16 A guide for parents and carers

Planning ahead and ten steps to preparing for adult life

600 x 300 SEND photos - Ten steps colourThe "People Who Can Help You" section lists different services that might be able to help depending on your needs. The "Ten Steps to Prepare for Adult Life" helps you think about your plans from age 5 to 25.

Preparing for Adult Life

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Although this section from Norfolk County Council is aimed at parents, you might find some of the sections useful too. There's information about planning ahead, getting a job, leisure and community, money, travel and more.

Person-centred planning

600 x 300 SEND photos - Person centred planningYou might want to complete this section with a parent, teacher or friend. There are some activities that will help you to plan and prepare for what comes next after leaving school.

SEND local offer pages for children and young people

600 x 300 SEND photos - get to know meLots of information for young people about health, education, work, money, free time and lots more.

Careers Information

600 x 300 SEND photos - Careers Information (1)Read information and watch videos about different jobs and careers. Have a go at a quiz in the "Fun Activities" section. My favourite's the Buzz Quiz, what's yours?

If you have an education health and care plan (EHCP)

600 x 300 SEND photos - EHCPInformation for young people with an EHCP. You might find the "Annual Review of an EHC Plan" useful.