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Help You Choose is a website from Norfolk County Council, Children's Services.

Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains how we (Norfolk County Council, Children's Services) use information about you.



  • What info do we keep?
  • What is your info used for?
  • Who do we share your info with?
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What info do we keep?

The information you type into Help You Choose is added to your Account. Your Account is used to build up a picture of your career plans and applications for courses or training opportunities. The information from your account will transfer onto any online applications that you make to Sixth forms, colleges or training providers.  You can edit this information at any time.

Your Account is used until your 20th birthday (or 25th if you have a learning disability or difficulty). On your 20th or 25th birthday it is deleted and no record of the information you have input will be kept. You can delete your account at anytime by contacting the Help You Choose helpdesk on 0344 8008022 or email helpyouchoose@norfolk.gov.uk 


What is your info used for?

your Account is used to:

  • Give you access to Help You Choose so you can create and account and make online applications to Sixth forms, colleges and training providers
  • Keep track of your progress, applications for courses or training opportunities and your plans for the future - Your school is also able to keep track of your progress so they can support you into courses and training when you finish year 11.
  • Plan learning opportunities and help you to access them  -  You can research and apply for courses.  You may also receive offers of a place and accept offers to some Sixth forms in Norfolk
  • Target guidance and support at those who most need it.


Who do we share your info with? (we never share your username, password and secret question and the contents of the "My Plans" tab)

Organisations you apply to - such as school sixth forms, colleges or training providers can see any information you've typed into Help You Choose unless you have said "No" to this on your privacy settings. If you have said "No" then you will not be able to use Help You Choose to make applications.

We also share information with your existing school or college and Norfolk County Council to enable them to make sure you are on track with your applications and to target help on those who need it.

We only share your contact details, or information about your learning or employment. We won't share other things about you without asking for your consent first.

We only share your information with organisations we work with and trust e.g (schools, colleges and training providers) We never share your information with marketing companies.

We share anonymised data with our partners in education and training on total registrations and applications to aid the evaluation and development of our services to young people. Your personal information is not shared for this purpose.



Cookies are small pieces of information put on your computer by a website. Cookies are used to identify your computer as you use the website.

The Help You Choose website uses cookies. Some of the cookies we use are needed for the website to work properly. These have already been put on your computer.

You may delete and block all cookies from Help You Choose, but then parts of the website will not work. You will not be able to login, apply for courses and jobs.

To find out how to control or delete cookies, go to AboutCookies.org


Contact us


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