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The special educational needs and disability (SEND) section for young people

What information does the special educational needs and disability (SEND) section have in it?

Special educational needs and disability often referred to as ‘SEND’ is a term used to describe learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for a person to learn compared to others of the same age. This section covers many of the options and choices you might be thinking about when moving from school to whatever will come next. You might have heard this called transition.


Some of those main choices might be:

Further education or higher education; a traineeship or apprenticeship; supported employment; volunteering; how to get more involved in the community; information about day centre provision and many other things such as transport, money and further help and support to help you achieve what you want to do next.


The SEND section can't answer all of your questions

This will very much depend on your needs. The info and advice section might have information you find useful too but the SEND section goes into a little more detail about the help and support and specialist provision young people with SEND might be able to access. Click on one of the sections below to find out more.