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What can I do at 18+?

Being part of the community

Being part of the community means that you take part in life outside your family and home

You can choose how to spend your time and have the chance to meet new people. There are a wide range of leisure and community activities available across Norfolk including, volunteering, music, dance, art and drama, sporting activities, clubs and classes.


There are plenty of opportunities if you have care and support needs to take part in the community

If you have a social worker, hey will speak with you and your family or carer to talk through what extra help you may need to do the activities you enjoy, socialise with your friends, and achieve your goals.


Becoming an adult can be an exciting and important time

You can gain more independence and enjoy a more active social life. There are two useful guides co-produced with a wide range of partners, including Family Voice Norfolk, to help you understand more about options and support to being independent and becoming involved in the community: Being part of the community as an adult and Being independent as an adult.