Various Virtual Work Experience Opportunities

Other opportunities listed by job family (Please note: some opportunities with “fee” next to the title involves paying a fee for the experience/materials. Help You Choose does not endorse paid opportunities, please read our statement here


Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, other Health and Social Care Medicine

Premed Projects (fee)  Might interest young people interested in biology, science, healthcare and medicine.

Medic Mentors Free medicine, health professions, veterinary science and dentistry programme delivered by Medic Mentor which offers several free sessions over a 6 month period.

Allied Heathcare Mentor (fee) A live Virtual Work Experience Programme for those interested in a career in the allied health professions.


Biodiversity, Conservation and Food

Operation Wallacea (fee) This organisation runs overseas biodiversity research projects and offers online insights for students interested in roles within this sector involving science, geography, business, marketing, English and project management.

IGD ‘Feeding Britain’s Future Workforce’ Virtual work experience week focused on the huge food and grocery industry.