Virtual work experience opportunities

Virtual Work Experience Overview

What is virtual work experience?

Virtual (online) work experience provides young people with the opportunity to gain an insight into the workplace remotely, usually using online conferencing software such as Teams or Zoom. Most virtual work experiences range from half a day to one week, but some may have regular sessions over a longer time period.


What’s involved?

Experiences vary but most will include content such as: pre-recorded videos with what it’s like to work in an organisation or job sector, virtual tours, live Q&A sessions, online meetings with a mentor, individual or group project work and networking opportunities.


What are the benefits?

  • Virtual work placements are open to everyone, regardless of location.
  • Most virtual work experience placements are free, and you won’t have to worry about travel expenses.
  • Remote working is likely to be important for most businesses in the future. Learning how to work online will be a valuable skill for the modern workplace.
  • Experience can be a great addition to your CV for applications to college, university, apprenticeships or employment.
  • It can help you decide if a career area is right for you or not.
  • It’s an opportunity to develop and practise employability skills such as: making applications, interviews, networking, communication, time management, and presentation skills.


  • Be sure to check the company’s credentials thoroughly by visiting their website and social media sites.
  • Only provide personal information on the application form which is absolutely essential and relevant to the work experience.
  • Use your school email address rather than a personal one if possible.
  • Most companies will have age guidelines for suitability, but if not, do make sure it’s age appropriate.
  • Make sure you tell a teacher and your parents/carers that you are engaging with the programme.

Fee Paying

Many virtual work experience opportunities are free to participate in but there a few that require a fee to be paid. Help You Choose has no information about the quality of such placements and is merely providing links and information about them. It is strongly recommended that you thoroughly research any opportunity before paying a fee to ensure that it meets your requirements and expectations.


You might also find the videos below useful in helping you plan and prepare for a virtual work experience placement.