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Getting into work

This section is all about work including apprenticeships and traineeships. It includes your options and the support to help you find and apply for work. There's also information about help you might be able to get at work so that you can do your job well and develop your skills and confidence.

People that can help you

If you are still at school or college, you can speak to a teacher. Most providers have a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) or careers teacher/adviser. If you are 16 -18 (or under 25 if you have an EHCP) and are not in education, employment or training (NEET), you can contact a Norfolk County Council adviser by calling 0344 800 8022 or emailing


Finding work at 16+

All young people aged 16 or 17 should be in some form of learning until they are 18. This is called Raising Participation Age. This law can be confusing but there is a very good guide from The Source if you want to read more.


Doing your job well

Applying for jobs and going to interviews can be scary. Meeting new people and learning new skills can also be unsettling. There is help available and you can get support. Click on the links below to find out more.

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Successful job hunting

600 x 300 SEND photos - SEND 8Tips to help you prepare a CV, complete an application form, write a covering letter, look for vacancies, get ready for an interview and much more!

Work Support Projects

600 x 300 SEND photos - Comm 7Gain confidence and the skills you need to find work. Click here to read about the support available and then click on each link for more information.

Courses available all year round

600 x 300 SEND photos - 16Some courses allow you to try out a job first such as hairdressing, cookery, motor vehicle maintenance, and many more. Click here to read more.

Voluntary work

600 x 300 photos  - Volunteer at HomeCould voluntary work be an option for you? You can gain a lot of confidence and make new friends as a volunteer.

Jobcentre Plus

600 x 300 SEND provider logos - Jobcentre PlusJobcentre Plus can provide you with help to meet your needs and much more, such as, Access to Work, and the Work and Health programme.  


Norfolk Employment Service

600 x 300 Provider Logos - Norfolk County Council If you are 18+ with a disability, mental health need, or health condition, this service can help you.

Apprenticeships are real jobs. Young people with SEND can get extra help. Traineeships and Supported Internships will find an employer for you to gain experience of a workplace by doing actual work. You do not usually get paid on a traineeship or supported internship but they can help you prepare for an apprenticeship. The links below will tell you more.