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You can view courses available at Norfolk's sixth forms colleges and providers (some Suffolk and Cambridge providers too)

They offer a wide range of vocational and academic courses and provide support for students with additional needs:

  • Mainstream courses are offered at Level 1 through to Level 3 and beyond. There are a range of subjects with extra support available should young people need it. You can find most courses in the Full Time Courses section. 
  • Specialist courses and inclusive learning programmes- sometimes called  ‘Foundation Courses’ which are specifically designed for young people with SEND. They include supported internships with some found in the full time courses section but we have included most of them in the SEND Supported Opportunities section. Courses are offered at entry level and level 1/2 courses.

More help and support if you have additional needs 

You might be worried about a number of things before making an application or after sending your application, such as,

  • who can provide assistance if I need more help?
  • how do I get support from Norfolk County Council advisers from the EHCP Team or PFAL team?
  • what do I need to do before making an application?
  • who can help if I have transport or money worries?
  • What can I do to help me feel less nervous about going to a new sixth form or college?
  • What might my day be like at college or sixth form?
  • If I need extra support or specialist equipment, who can I talk to about it before making my application?
  • What happens when I get an offer to start a course in September from my college or sixth form choice?
  • What can I do to help me prepare for the first day?

Don't worry, many young people feel the same. The questions above and more can be answered by looking from page 8 of this guide: Transition from secondary school to post 16 A guide for parents and carers 


More information about applying for courses.

Some college courses are for three days rather than the five days that you might have been used to at school or sixth form. Talk to your EHCP adviser (if you have one) or your SENCo teacher/careers adviser (if you are still at school) about other things you might be able to do if three days are not enough. Also see the volunteering section for some possible ideas.

Help You Choose lists all courses at Complex Needs sixth forms in the SEND opportunities section but you can't apply through Help You Choose as you will need an EHCP. See the state funded special schools section for more details.

Even with a lot of support, a few young people with the most complex needs may find it difficult to progress straight on to a 16+ provder and extra support might be needed. Some specialist further education providers have residential and specialist facilities. Eligible students will have an EHCP that clearly evidences their needs and will usually have been identified during the planning for adulthood discussions that take place as part of the annual review of a pupil’s EHCP. You can find more information about Norfolk's admission policy for independent specialist further education providers