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If you attend a Norfolk school, your school will issue your login details either towards the end of the summer term of Year 10 or during the autumn term of Year 11

Yes, you can. You can self-register for an account (link) so that you can apply for sixth form, college and other provider courses in Norfolk.

If you have an email address registered to your account, you can use the ‘Forgotten your username or forgotten your password’ option on the login screen.  You’ll then receive an email allowing you to reset your details.

The ‘Your account’ area is where you can enter your profile information, favourite courses, make applications and check their status, and create a CV.  You can also send messages to your school or the sixth forms or colleges you’ve applied to, change your password, and view your privacy settings.

Login to your account and go to Your Applications – Create or Review applications. Your part completed applications will be in the ‘Draft’ section. Select ‘Continue’ to carry on and finish your application form or ‘Delete’ to remove it.

You can’t make any changes to your application once it has been submitted, however you can withdraw it. Login to your account and go to Your Applications – Create or Review applications. This is where you can see all your applications and their status. Under sent applications you will notice that you have the option to withdraw your application. If you select this then a withdrawal request will be sent to the provider and you will see the status change to “Application Withdrawn”.

You cannot make amendments to your course subjects once your application form has been sent however you can message the sixth form or college you have applied to and ask them if you can change your subject choices. Login to your account and go to the Message centre – Create a new message. Next to ‘To’ click on ‘Find’ and select the provider you want to message. Type in your message and then select ‘Send’.  Most sixth forms and colleges will offer you an advice interview after you have made an application and this is also a good opportunity for you to discuss any change of subjects/courses with them.  

To track your applications, first login to your account and then go to ‘Your Applications’. Here you can see a list of all your applications and their status including any draft applications you have yet to finish, those you have sent, those that have been acknowledged by the provider and those you have withdrawn.

This varies between sixth forms and colleges. Some collect applications on a daily or weekly basis or others might wait to contact you until their deadline for applications is reached. The Help You Choose team do check that all providers collect their applications regularly. If you have concerns talk to your school or contact the sixth form or college you’ve applied to.