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West Suffolk College

Learning for Work

West Suffolk College

Out Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3TT

Basic/Key Skill
Entry Level
Preparation for Life and Work

Course Details

- 1 year programme for entry level students who aspire to follow the Pathway to Employment, but require additional support to make the transition to this Pathway.

- Students may need this support because of the difficulties they experience in managing change, or it may be because they currently do not have the personal and social skills to meet the mature expectations required to learn in an FE environment.

- Students may be able participate in the National Citizenship scheme within this programme.

At the beginning of each year, we will work with you to produce your PATH, which will inform your learning for the year ahead.  You will identify your hopes for the future; then we will look at what skills you can work toward in the year ahead to help you take the first steps towards your life goals.  These skills will be linked to independence, employability, maths, English and personal and social development. 

Your Learning Plan will reflect your individual needs but the following may be some of the skills you will develop on this programme:




  • Use eating places in college

  • Use the library

  • Use computer facilities

  • Awareness of support services available in college

  • Manage break times and lunchtimes

  • Personal presentation and hygiene

  • To buy a basic lunch in the community

  • To travel safely to a range of facilities in the local community

  • Make their own packed lunch

  • Make a hot drink

  • Make simple meals and snacks

  • Make a bed

  • Participate in taster activities in vocational areas




  • Functional speaking and listening

  • Functional Reading

  • Functional Writing

  • Self-advocacy




  • Manage money (understand that money has a value and concept of change)

  • To complete basic shopping tasks

  • Functional time skills

  • Functional measuring skills

  • Functional number skills




  • Get self-organised for learning activities

  • Follow safety instructions

  • Follow student expectations in college - language, dress and attitude

  • To be in sessions on time

  • Participate in sessions and try new activities

  • Participate in the National Citizenship Scheme


Personal and Social Development:


  • Make informed choices

  • Answer questions

  • Work with different people

  • Health and well-being

  • Use basic functions of a mobile phone to keep safe

  • E-safety

Entry requirements

- Education, Health And Care Plan (EHCP)

- Previously educated in Special School or Special Provision in mainstream setting

- Participation in an Assessment Activity

- Participation in 'Transition to Supported Learning' Activities

- Entry requirements for all Supported Learning programmes will include an assessment of prior and current behaviour to determine if this will affect the learning of others.

Your next steps...

Those students who have aspirations to move into employment may be able to progress onto the Pathway to Employment.

Progression to a wide range of Level 1 vocational courses may be available, if students meet their entry criteria on completion of the learning to Work programme.

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