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Hall School

Hall School

St Faiths Road, Norwich, NR6 7AD

About us

Hall School is a complex needs school which caters for pupils from 3-19 with significant learning difficulties, associated communication and behavioural difficulties, and medical needs. 

Please note: a request for a special or independent school must be formally made as part of the Education, Health and Care plan development process or annual review process.  Please see the Local Offer Admissions to specialist schools for more information about this.

Application Instructions

All pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Needs 

Additional information

Hydrotherapy pool

Multi-interactive learning environment (Studio)

Extensive and well- equipped playground areas which are fully accessible and include activities for pupils of all ages and abilities

Specialist resources such as interactive ICT equipment, ipads, switches, eye gaze technology, interactive projector (OmniBeam)